Follow the Leader

At the Beach

I took a trip to Pensacola, Florida at the end of March. We visited the Fort Pickens National Park and enjoyed a few trips to our favorite beach. Here are some of the photos from that trip.

Here is a picture of the entrance into the fort. The powder for the soldiers was kept in part of the building.

Fort Pickens - Entrance to the fort

Fort Pickens – Entrance to the fort

These are different sections of the fort where the men stayed during the day. There are canon mounts in each section and above on the roof of the sections.

Fort Pickens - Interior

Fort Pickens – Interior

This is another part of the fort which faces in a different direction than the one above.

Fort Pickens - a different section interior

Fort Pickens – a different section interior

I got quite a few shots of sandpipers when we went to Johnson’s Beach.

Johnson Beach - Sandpipers

Johnson Beach – Sandpipers

They are fun to watch as they scurry up and down the beach.

Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader

They don’t slow down for very long which makes it a challenge to get a good shot.

Anybody Find My Ring Yet?

Anybody Find My Ring Yet?

I’m not sure if these two were courting or fighting.

The Showdown

The Showdown

There are quite a few Herons on this beach. They stand around waiting for someone to catch a fish and hope they will get the ones nobody wants. They are very used to people and you can get pretty close to them if you walk up to them very slowly.

Master of the Shore - Blue Heron

Master of the Shore – Blue Heron

The seagulls can get very aggressive if you decide to start feeding them. You don’t want to start feeding one of them or you will end up with a whole flock of them chasing you for more food.

I Am Ignoring You

I Am Ignoring You

I took this shot at Johnson’s beach. We had waited all afternoon for a storm to pass by so we could go to the beach. I parked the car and managed to get this shot before a thunderstorm came up and we had to leave..

Hotel Moon

Hotel Moon

The next day I managed to get a few action shots. There were lots of people Parasailing late in the afternoon when we got there. I hope they were wearing wetsuits because the water was still very cold.

Alabama Point - Parasailing

Alabama Point – Parasailing

There is a channel that opens into the gulf from the bay. Lots of people fish off the jetties or dive around them. The end of the jetty was a busy place on the afternoon we were there.

Coming Around the Bend

Coming Around the Bend

The tourist season wasn’t quite in full swing yet so the beaches were not too crowded. Once school is out the beaches get really packed with people.

Empty Beach

Empty Beach

I got this shot as the sun was going down. The hotels are across the channel at Orange Beach, Alabama.

Orange Beach Sunset

Orange Beach Sunset

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