Canton Arts Festival

This weekend my wife and I went to the Canton Arts Festival.  Canton is a small town and the county seat for the county I live in.There were several very good photographers who had set up booths for the festival. I enjoyed talking to them and was able to pick up a few photography tips along the way. Seeing their work encouraged me to work harder at building my photography skills.

One of the sections of the festival was set aside for gardeners. We stopped at a booth where orchids were being sold and started talking to the sales lady. After a few minutes of conversation, I discovered that the company’s greenhouse was about four blocks from where I live. The sales lady invited me to come and take pictures any time they were open. I plan to visit it this week and make use of my macro lens for some nice closeups. Below are a few of the shots I took of some of the orchids at her booth.

Yellow Tongue

Yellow Tongue

Purple Trio

Purple Trio

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One thought on “Canton Arts Festival

  1. Thanks for coming by the Canton Festival of the Arts, Eddie! I mentioned this blog post and your beautiful photographs on our Facebook page!

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