Ultimate Greed

I have been watching a couple of bluebirds on my back porch for the last couple of days as they tried to take over a bird house sitting on the railing. There were a pair of nuthatches that had nested in the house and became parents of two new chicks. The chicks grew up and flew away and the nuthatches abandoned the house. The bluebirds stopped by on occasion but never stayed.

The other day both the bluebirds and nuthatches showed up at the same time. There was quite an uproar between them but the bluebirds seemed to have won the battle. There was only one problem – the bluebirds were too big to fit into the opening into the bird house! That didn’t seem to matter to them. They had won the territory and had no plans on giving it up just because of a minor little issue like not fitting into it.

It reminded me of people who sometimes think they need something that really isn’t right for them. Someone else has it and they want it no matter what. They may finally take it from someone but it ends up being a pretty hollow victory.

I managed to get a few photos of the battle as it took place and posted them below.

This looks like a nice place

This looks like a nice place

I'll take a closer look

I’ll take a closer look

Hey dude - that's my house

Hey dude – that’s my house

Tough luck - it's mine now

Tough luck – it’s mine now

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2 thoughts on “Ultimate Greed

  1. Amazing pictures – I have a pair of bluebirds that I see daily but have not been able to get a picture yet.

  2. fiorinda on said:

    those turned out really well. i esp like the first one

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