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Face To Face With Flesh Eating Plants

Did I get your attention 🙂

The truth is that I recently went on a little hike when I was In Florida and took a few shots of  some Sarracenia plants. Commonly known as Pitcher Plants, they are very interesting to see. I hiked around for an hour or so and managed to get chiggers all over my legs as I knelt in the grass in the pine woods to get some better shots. Chiggers are small little bugs that are found in and around Pine trees in Florida. You don’t know you have them until you get home and start scratching all the places where they have burrowed into your skin. They crawl up your legs as you are walking through the woods and embed themselves into your flesh. They are very tiny and extremely hard to see but they make your skin itch like an ant had bitten you. The bites take a few days to stop itching and clear up.

Back to the Flesh Eating Plants – (now that we talked about the flesh-eating bugs)

Pitcher plants grow in bogs and swampy areas and are actually becoming endangered because of urban development. If you want to know all about them you can click – here – to go to Wikipedia for all the details.

Here are some pictures that I took of them.  Click on any image to see a larger view.

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