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Beauty In The Ditch

I am always looking around for those little spots of beauty that most people pass by or ignore. On a recent trip to Florida my wife and I were coming back from the beach and stopped at an intersection. I was  looking off to the side of the road which was very swampy and noticed some small purple flowers in the ditch. As I continued to look at the flowers I noticed a lot of small lily pads in the ditch. I also noticed that some of them were budding but not quite ready to bloom. The light changed at the intersection so we moved on but I made a mental note to keep an eye on this spot since we passed it nearly every day.

During our stay the weather was very stormy and huge thunderstorms would pop up very quickly and ruin our trips to the beach. We got up early one morning to go to the beach and sure enough a big storm came by and delayed our beach going until late afternoon. When the sun came out I decided to take my camera and drive up to the intersection and see if any of the water lilies were blooming yet. I was not disappointed and spent the rest of the morning taking photos of the flowers in the ditch. Here are the results. I hope you enjoy them and are reminded to slow down and take in all the beauty around you that we so often ignore.

Click any photo for a larger view. Press Esc to leave slide show.

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2 thoughts on “Beauty In The Ditch

  1. Edward, you have so many wonderful photos I will have to come back to look at them all. Another place to share these and get some more exposer is A lot of people with different interests post their photos there. I have a Photographing Flowers community there.
    You can give your blog a plug to some who may not find it.

  2. Hi! Awesome! Thanks! Cheers!

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