Ready to Launch

Free Dragonfly Screensaver

I decided to take a photo walk down by the lake today. I have been too busy to get out and take any photos lately and just needed to get out into nature for a while. It was really hot but I still enjoyed it.

I took macro shots of a lot of spiders but the wind was blowing the webs just enough to blur my shots and make them useless.  I took some shots of some bugs skimming on the water and some mushrooms and had the same problem. I hadn’t realized that some screws had worked loose under the ball head on my tripod and the camera was wobbling almost every time I took a shot. I fixed it when I got home but most of my shots were too bad to keep.

I did manage to get a few good shots which I have shared below.  The first one was a nice little flower next to the lake.

Solitary Beauty

Solitary Beauty

I got the next one about five feet from the flower.  Dragonflies will return to a spot multiple times so I just had to set up and get focused on the end of the limb and wait for them to come back for another visit.

Ready to Launch

Ready to Launch

I walked through the woods by the shore for a few minutes and saw a butterfly that I was hoping to get a shot of when it landed somewhere. It had landed on a blade of grass and just as I got close enough, it flew off across the lake. Fortunately there was a fallen tree limb in the water nearby that the dragonflies were continuously lighting on.   I snapped the next two shots very quickly as several dragonflies lit on the limb.

Catching Some Rays

Catching Some Rays


Time To Turn Over

Time To Turn Over

Another dragonfly lit on the end of the limb and took a stance that looked like a little man with wings looking out over the water. It reminded me of the flying monkeys in “The Wizard of Oz” movie. My wife said it looked like a little fairy person to her.

The Sentinel - Preview

The Sentinel – Preview

I really liked this shot so I decide to give it away as a screen saver. I created a 1920 x 1080 pixel version of it that you can download to use on a widescreen monitor. It is free for personal use only.  If you post it anywhere please give me credit with a link back to this post. It is not to be used for any commercial/ for profit use. I put it up on my 23 inch monitor and it looks nice. I hope you enjoy it. I would appreciate any comments you might have on it.  Click here to download the screen saver version.

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4 thoughts on “Free Dragonfly Screensaver

  1. This is very nice Eddie. Going back to nature always seems to get me on track….that’s why I try to go every day!!!! LOL Just kidding, but seriously, it’s great medicine and look at the results. You got some nice shots and you’re sharing them too! That dancing fairy looking dragonfly has to be the most interesting one I have yet seen. Beautiful. Have a nice day. Darcy

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  3. Judy Vlass on said:

    So cool how it does look like the monkeys in Wizard of Oz Thanks for sharing comments on photo experience as I’m still making lots of mistakes and often don’t know why Half of them are made when editing. I love taking pics but it can b very frustrating

    • making mistakes is part of learning. If you get frustrated , just let it spur you on to get better. I have been frustrated a lot of times, but when I kept working on it I was soon able to do a better job. Just don’t let the frustration ruin your enjoyment of photography. Keep having fun at it.

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