Getting Ready for August

The monthly contest for my photo club is just around the corner so I have been looking for some good shots to enter. The subject for August is macros (one of my favorites). I went outside today and walked around the yard looking for some opportunities for a good macro shot. I also needed to test out my tripod repair and see if it would eliminate some of the unexpected bad shots I seemed to be taking lately. There were two loose screws under the ball head on my tripod that were causing the whole camera to wiggle with the slightest vibration of any kind. I took the tripod apart and tightened them up and the problem was resolved.

I tried several shots but the wind was relentless and I couldn’t get enough speed in my shots to overcome the swaying of the plants in the breeze. I walked around the house and finally ended up at a fig tree next to my basement door. I noticed some ants eating one of the figs that a bird had pecked on. They were almost buried in the inside of the fig and were really enjoying the feast. I managed to get a few shots before the wind picked up again. and forced me to just give up for the day. The shot below is what I ended up with for my efforts.

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

I am not sure if this is contest worthy but I thought it was a nice shot with pleasant colors.

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One thought on “Getting Ready for August

  1. I feel a little itchy (ha), but that’s a great shot!

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