Adventures on a Five Minute Walk

Warning! – if you have a weak stomach and don’t like graphic images you will want to skip the last picture in this post.

This past Friday I got to go on a trip to another state to do some work for my new job. My boss told me I would have some slack time during the work I was doing so I decided to take my camera. We were going up to a mountainous area and I was hoping to get some shots of the Fall foliage. Unfortunately I was about two weeks late for the change of colors in that area.

When we finally came to the slack period in our work I walked back behind the building to see what I could find that might be worth a picture.

The business where we were at had all of these gas pumps that were being stripped down for parts and over to one side was a huge pile of gas pump hoses. As I looked at them it made me wonder when will we ever get past the need for gasoline and be able to use some cleaner source of energy So I named the picture “When?”



There was a railroad track directly behind the business we were at so I took a walk down the tracks. It always amazes me as to what you can find within a five-minute walk from where you are located. I walked in one direction and got this shot of some weeds in bloom.

Weed Blossoms

Weed Blossoms

I turned around and went the other way for about 50 yards and noticed this broken car mirror on the gravel between the tracks.  I thought I might be able to take a shot that conveyed the idea of seeing where a car had not made it across the tracks and had been hit by the train. I tried a few angles and got this shot.

Failed Crossing

Failed Crossing

After looking at it I thought maybe I could lean the mirror housing and the broken piece of mirror against the track to make a better picture. Just as I got everything set up I heard a train whistle and saw the train coming around the bend. I took a whole series of shots as it came toward me. Here is one of them.

Coming Around The Bend

Coming Around The Bend

I didn’t get a chance to take any more pictures of the broken mirror because it was time to go back to work.

Now for the graphic picture.

Just before I spotted the mirror on the tracks I noticed this huge animal laying on a picnic table in someones back yard. As I got closer I realized it was a pig that someone had just started to butcher. I walked a little closer and the guy who was doing the butchering came out of the house with his wife and went to work on the pig. I could tell he had done this before by the speed and skill he showed as he slowly removed the skin and fat of the pig and got down to the good meat. That was the first time I had ever seen someone butcher an animal that large. I thought it was very interesting to watch the guy move a three or four hundred pound pig around on the picnic table to get all the meat off of it. Here is a shot I took when he was just getting a good start on one side.

Bringing Home The Bacon

Bringing Home The Bacon

I would encourage you to take a walk sometimes and just look for all the things around you that are often overlooked. Then you might  get to have an adventure on a five-minute walk as well.

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