Out of the Storm

Monthly Challenge – Travel

It’s time for the monthly challenge again with my photo club. The theme for November is “Travel”.  I had a lot of shots from trips but nothing seemed to be the type of shot I wanted to use in the contest. As I looked through one of my folders from Florida, I spotted two images that might work for the competition. One of them was from an early morning trip to the beach right after a storm had passed by. The sky was beautiful with the morning light hitting the clouds as the storm moved away from the beach and out into the Gulf of  Mexico. While I was setting up my camera to capture the clouds I noticed a tanker headed into port and just beginning to come out from under the storm clouds. I manged to get a few shots before the sun rose higher and the light changed. I have to say during that morning I saw some of the best cloud views I have seen in my whole life living near the beach. It was just one of those happy accidents when you are at the right place and the right time to see nature in all its glory putting on a show for those who will stop and look.

Here is one of the shots I got that morning and the one I entered into the contest.

Out of the Storm

Out of the Storm

The next shot I picked was from another beach trip when my wife and I went for a long walk down the beach. I picked this one because it seemed to be a shot that you could put yourself into. I could almost hear the waves splashing and the sea gulls flying overhead as we walked down the beach.

I have been trying to do better at taking shots that tell a story or make a statement rather than just taking snapshots of my surroundings. I want to do better at capturing the feelings and impressions of those moments and not just the light bouncing from the objects in front of me.

This is the second shot I entered into the contest.

Come Join Me

Come Join Me

I have been trying to get back to posting more often but it is hard to find the spare time lately to just get out and take pictures. I have done quite a lot of photography on my job  for our company website but I really want to get some other types of shots as well. I am making some backgrounds for some still life shooting this winter and thinking about some shots I want to do.  I find that the planning, preparation, and learning new techniques can be as much fun as the actual photography.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Until next time —-

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