Two Tones

Weekly Assignment #89 Two Tones

I spent some time this weekend learning how to take pictures while my camera was connected to my computer. I started out the day working in my yard and while doing that I came up with the idea for the assignment. I had just started collecting some things from my yard for the shot when it started to rain. So much for yard work. I was walking back to the house when I spotted this interesting mushroom on the top of an old stump. I decided to take the mushroom and some leaves and straw from the woods and set up a still life in the basement. I remembered that I had been wanting to try out some shots using my camera and laptop connected. I read my camera manual and found out how to set everything up during lunch and went to the basement to get started.

The first thing I did was to set up the still life using the materials I had collected outside. Then I set up my laptop and camera and started figuring out the lighting. I had seen a photo on one of the gallery sites where a guy had done a macro shot that looked like it was taken outside but was actually taken indoors. That gave me the idea to try to create a shot with early morning sunlight which is great for shots taken in the woods. I set up a 150 watt tungsten spotlight on one side of my still life and used a couple of pieces of cardboard to make it look like the sun was coming through between some trees to light the scene. I then set up a 60 watt daylight CFL light directly above the scene to fill in some shadow areas that were too dark. I had a lot of fun playing with the software that controlled my camera and let me see my shots immediately on my laptop.

The shot below was the final result.

Two Tones

Two Tones

I decided to take another shot with the same lighting setup and a different still life. I took some berries from a bush next to my house and strung them on a piece of thread and wrapped them around a pine cone. Then I took some more berries from a Dogwood tree in the front yard and stuck them in to another pine cone. I found an old rotten piece of wood that had some character to it and a rock from the flower bed and started setting up the scene. I decided I needed a little more red accent so I got some more red berries from the side of the house but left them on the branches they were attached to.

When everything was ready I played around again with my camera tethered to my laptop and tried using several different lenses to see which one worked the best for the scene. When I was finally done, this was the result –

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays !

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