Glory in the Highest

Weekly Assignment #90 – Silver

What a week this has been. I got all set to work on my photography club challenge and my computer crashed. I just built it a short while back so that I could upgrade some of my software. My old computer was about seven years old and was running slow with some of my newer software so I decided  to upgrade. I built a Windows 7 PC with a solid state drive for the operating system to reside on, a drive for my data and a drive for Lightroom and Photoshop caching. I got an Intel I5-3570 chip, a new graphics card, and 16 gigabytes of memory. The PC had been running great and suddenly developed a corrupted system file that I couldn’t repair. I hadn’t created a backup image yet because I wanted to get all my old files and new software loaded first. So I got to rebuild windows and reload all of my software. I finally finished today and wanted to get this post done.

This weeks challenge was Silver. I had an old art deco mirror that I thought would work for the challenge so I dragged it out of the cabinet and started trying to figure out how to set up the lighting for it. I was having major problems with the background reflections in the mirror so I went on the internet and found an article on how to set up for a reflective surface shot. I ended up putting a black felt cloth over the mirror and behind it. I set up my lighting on one side and a reflector on the opposite side to light up the area between the figure and the mirror surface. I added a light from the front to light up the top of the figure. Here is the final result.

Weekly Assignment 90 - Silver

Weekly Assignment 90 – Silver

After I got a good shot of the mirror, I wanted to try out a rig I had built from an old broken polarizer ring for creating bokeh patterns. I set up some Christmas lights at one end of my shop and hung a glass angel decoration from a bar about six feet from the lights. I had put a cut out of a star in the middle of the polarizer ring and put it on my 50mm f1.8 lens. I did a little photoshopping to remove the string and here is the result.

Glory in the Highest

Glory in the Highest

Merry Christmas and have a great holiday!

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