Original for Tools

Weekly Assignment #96 – Tools

I thought it would be interesting for the challenge this week to see how many shots I could get out of the original version. A lot of times I will start taking a picture and then realize there are several other shots I could take of the same subject. If possible, you should always take a look at your subject from as many vantage points as you can. Just moving a small distance in any direction can often result in a much more interesting shot. I have been using my 50mm prime lens a lot lately because it forces me to move to get different shots instead of depending on my zoom lens to get a different look.

I have also been using the “Live View” function on my camera so that I could see what was happening to my shot as I changed various settings. It really helps me to get my focus sharper since I can zoom in 5 or 10 times closer when using it. The lighting and focus changes are much easier to see sometimes using my display with the enlarged view when zooming in. If you camera has this function and you haven’t tried it, give it a try. I have a Canon and it is as simple as pressing the “Set” button on the back of the camera to turn it on or off.

I looked around my shop for some different tools that might be interesting to shoot and settled on a small plane and hand drill that I own. I thought the colors and textures might add to the shot and the gears of the drill might make some nice macro shots. I set everything up and tried various angles and heights until I got the one I liked the most. This is the original shot.

Original for Tools

Original for Tools

Then I used Lightroom to make several different crops of various parts of the original shot. The first one was a tighter shot of just the front half of the drill.

Drill - point

Drill – point

Then I got in even closer on the gears of the drill.

Drill - up close

Drill – up close

Next I did the same with the plane and then the front of the plane.



plane - close up

plane – close up

From these various viewpoints you can see how moving around your subject can help you capture different perspectives of the same subject. Otherwise you end up with just a snapshot of what is in front of you and miss a lot of other shots that might look much more interesting.

Until next time –

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Assignment #96 – Tools

  1. If you look closely at the cap on the block plane, there is a milled groove that is intended to engage the cross-pin. You would be surprised how many wrong ways tools can be assembled by reasonably intelligent people.

    • thanks for noticing. It was probably caused by a lack of attention on my part the last time I removed the blade and replaced it. A good reminder to pay attention when working on a tool no matter what it is.

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