Weekly Assignment #97 – Wine Glasses

The challenge this week was “Wine Glasses”.  I thought I would try out some lighting techniques I have been reading about. It seems that a lot of the tips I read suggested that if you want the glass to look good you should focus on lighting the background. If you try to light the glass you will have to deal with all of the reflections from the lights. I read one article where the author used five or six different lights, white and black reflectors, cards to block some of the light, and a long black acrylic sheet to avoid having the horizon line show up. He then decided to simplify a lot of his setup by lighting the glass using reflected light from the background. He narrowed his equipment down to the acrylic sheet, a main light on the background, and two fill lights on the sides. The picture turned out very nice with the reduced setup.

I lit my shot with two 100 watt clamp lights under the table where the glasses were sitting. I tried one light but it just wasn’t enough light to show through the liquid in the glasses. I pointed them up towards a piece of gold mat board I had lying around. I then set up a light above the glasses to add some fill light on the foreground. The glasses are sitting on a piece of glass I took out of an old picture frame. The glass is laying on a piece of black mat board that is set up as close the to background as I could get it and still let the light shine up from under the table. The rest of the room was dark so I didn’t have to worry about any unwanted reflections on the glasses or the base area.

I took a few shots with no liquid in the glasses until I got the lighting right and then I filled the glasses. Make sure you clean everything and use a paper towel or cloth when handling the glasses so that you don’t leave fingerprints or smudges on them. You can use a small funnel when filling the glasses and then you won’t have to worry about trying to wipe off the splashes on the rims. Check for dust before taking your shot.

Here is the final result, hope you like it.

Take Your Pick

Take Your Pick

Until next time –

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