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Newly Discovered Plant/Animal Species

I went for a walk in the woods down by the lake the other day. I just needed to get out and enjoy nature for a while. It was starting to cloud up so I was having a hard time getting the light right for some of the shots I was trying to get. It didn’t really matter because I was just enjoying the serenity of the woods. There were birds of all sorts just chirping away creating a nice background song for my walk.

I tried a few shots along the trail in the deeper woods but they just weren’t anything good. I spot things sometimes that I think would be good shots and once I have the shot I find they are not. As I got close to the lake I spotted a few dragonflies. They are easy to shoot if you spend a few minutes being still while they find a spot to rest. They will sit still for quite a while which helps when you are doing close-ups. Here are a couple of the shots I got.

Just Hanging Around

Just Hanging Around

Just Hanging Around - Close-up

Just Hanging Around – Close-up

I ran out of time and was headed back to the truck when I spotted this Damsel Fly. I love their deep rich color and they will also sit still quite a while if you let them find a sunny spot.

Ready To Launch

Ready To Launch

As I was setting up my tripod for another shot I turned around and saw this really weird plant.  It had an odd gray bloom at the end of a vine and I just had to get closer and see what it was. When I got closer to it I discovered what it actually was. Here is a shot of the newly discovered feather vine plant.

Feather Vine

Feather Vine

I did not pose this shot, it was just as I found it. It was difficult to get a good shot because the wind kept blowing it just as I would get ready to take the shot. I always enjoy finding interesting things along the way when I walk in the woods. How about you?

Until next time –

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2 thoughts on “Newly Discovered Plant/Animal Species

  1. Lovely feather vine! I enjoy finding the unusual to photograph, and feathers always catch my eye too.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • This was such an interesting find. I almost missed it because I was so involved in trying to get the Damsel Fly shot before it flew away. Thanks for your encouragement.

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