White Pigeons - New Background

Pigeons On The Roof

I was driving to work one morning a while back and noticed a flock of pigeons sitting on the roof of a house. I had seen them occasionally in the evenings flying around the neighborhood where the house was located, but for some reason I had not noticed them in the mornings. I started checking the rooftop each morning on my drive to work and discovered they were there almost every morning. They were all white pigeons so I am assuming the person living in the house probably raises them.

We were having a lot of rainstorms in the mornings during this time and I got to wondering what they might look like on the roof top contrasted against a bunch of dark storm clouds. I started taking my camera to work with me on stormy mornings and left early enough to get a shot if the circumstances were right. After about a week of waiting for the right circumstances I gave up and just took a shot against a plain sky background.

White Pigeons - Original

White Pigeons – Original

It was a quick shot from across the street and pretty much to the limit of my telephoto lens. I decided to see how my imagined shot might look if the circumstances ever lined up with my trip to work ( which most likely won’t happen!). I found a shot i had taken of some clouds down by the lake and stuck them behind the rooftop using Photoshop. Here is the result –

White Pigeons - New Background

White Pigeons – New Background

What do you think?

I did stop by the park on the way to work one morning since I had left home early to try for the rooftop shot. I wanted to see if the ducks had any babies yet but it appeared they didn’t. I got these shots that morning.

Hanging Out

Hanging Out

The spider was a very cooperative subject that just sat still the whole time I was getting the shot set up.

Textures in White

Textures in White

I really liked all the textures in the feather shot. There was the smoothness of the water, the roundness of the water drops, the lines in the feather, the little orange thing from the nearby trees, and the texture on the tree limb the feather was wrapped around.

Until next time —

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