Start of Moonrise

Not So Super “Super Moon”

I went out on Sunday night hoping to get some shots of the “Super Moon”. It was the largest moon rise of the year since it was closest to the earth on Sunday. It is supposed to be about 14% bigger in appearance.

I first checked out the time for moon rise on The Photographers Ephemeris. I have the PC version on my laptop but you can also get it for your phone. You can use it to tell when the sun or moon rises and sets. It shows the direction from where you are to the location of the sun or moon. I located a place close to my house where I could get up on a high spot to catch the moon as soon as it started rising.

I got to the spot at about 8:15pm since moon rise was scheduled for 9:07pm. I found a spot and set up my camera but the horizon was filled with clouds. The shot below is from when I first arrived.

Clouds Before Moonrise

Clouds Before Moonrise

I held out a hope that the clouds would clear up before the moon started rising but that didn’t happen. I finally saw a faint glow in the clouds about 9:40pm. About fifteen minutes later I saw just a piece of the moon behind the clouds. Here is how cloudy it was while I waited for the clouds to clear.

Start of Moonrise

Start of Moonrise

After an hour or more I finally got a semi decent shot as the clouds parted for just a minute. That was it. The clouds just continued to get worse so I went home. This is the shot I managed to get.

Moon In The Haze

Moon In The Haze

I was hoping to come back Monday night and try again but the clouds were even worse than Sunday night. I guess I will have to try again next year.

Until next time —

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