Lost in the Dance

Monthly Challenge – Liquids

Update 9-9-2013   ===================================================

The image below, “When Worlds Collide”, won Second Place in the Digital category of my photo club competition tonight. One of the judges comments was that the shot had a lot of impact which was why I decided to enter it instead of the other shot. Thanks to all those who gave their input to help me decide which shot to enter.                   ==================================================================

It’s time for me to get ready for the next monthly challenge for my photo club. Right now I am in a quandary because I can’t decide between two different pictures for the challenge. Maybe you can help me.

The first picture is from the oil and water shots I took a few weeks ago.

When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide

The second shot is one I took last year in downtown Atlanta at Centennial Park.

Lost in the Dance

Lost in the Dance

Which do you think is best for the challenge topic? Let me know right away if you can since I only have a week before the contest.

My view is that the oil and water has a lot of impact since it is unusual and I love the colors. The fountain shot fits the topic and I really like the way the kid is just lost in thought and the texture of the water. It seems that there is a story there that draws the viewer into the scene. I am just not sure the shot is strong enough for the challenge.

Thanks for any comments you wish to leave. Until next time —

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3 thoughts on “Monthly Challenge – Liquids

  1. Lost in the dance, I think it’s a one time picture, the children in the water makes it special. 🙂

  2. I like the fountain shot. The oil and water shot is impactful and I like the colors, but when I look at the fountain shot I don’t so much see spouts of water as phantoms surrounding the kids.

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