Invasion of the Spiders

Over the last few days I have been outside quite a bit and I have noticed spider webs everywhere. The more I walked around the house the more I found. I had generally ignored them until one set up his web just outside my bedroom window. It was such a good chance for a macro shot that I couldn’t resist. Of course after I got that shot I decided to get a couple of more shots of some of the other spiders I had seen. Here are a couple of them.

Outside My Window

Outside My Window

This guy was on the side of the house.



I found this one hanging off of a tree.

Split Personality

Split Personality

This last one was next to my chimney.

Come On In For A Bite

Come On In For A Bite

The wind picked up quite a bit so I had to end my little excursion. If you are interested in the scientific name or want some additional information on the spiders you can try this page: Nature Search – Orb Weavers

Until next time —

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