Dealing With The Photo Itch

I realized today that I was getting a case of the Photo Itch. It appears when it has been too long since you pulled your camera out of the bag and took a few shots. I felt like I  had to get out of the house with my camera and just wander for a while until I found something that looked interesting to shoot.

I walked around the house and noticed a spider web with a dandelion bloom caught in it. I took the shot and moved on. I tried several other shots but the wind was blowing and I finally gave up. Later when I looked at the shots on my computer I realized that even when I thought the wind had stopped there was still a small breeze. All of the shots that I had taken were blurred or just enough out of focus to be useless. Several of them looked ok on my camera LCD but turned out to be fuzzy when viewed on my monitor. I started deleting all of them but when I got to the dandelion in the spider web I decided to keep it. I thought it might make an interesting abstract.



I basically cropped the shot square and added vibrance and saturation in Lightroom to bring out the colors a little more. The wind movement on the spider web did the rest. What do you think?

Until next time —

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2 thoughts on “Dealing With The Photo Itch

  1. Very good abstract. I would never guess what is in the photo. At first it looks like some kind of plastic transparent strips. 🙂

    • that is one of the reasons I decided not to delete the “failure”. Sometimes you can come up with something unique by accident in spite of attempts to make every shot perfect. When you are doing a panning shot or a zoom motion blur shot you are deliberately not following the rules of perfection in order to create a photo with a different look from the norm. I have seen quite a few “happy accidents” of others that I really liked. Thanks for your feedback.

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