Minehaha Falls Panorama

Ebb and Flow

It has been a while since I have been able to post anything new. Life is full of creative ebbs and flows at different times and it seems I have been in one of the ebbs for a while. I took a few photos over the past few weeks but nothing that I thought was worth posting.

My photo club took a trip up to some nearby waterfalls in Rabun County Georgia and I decided to go with them to see if I could get out of my ebb and back into a creative flow. The first place we visited was Bad Branch Falls which were located just a short walk from the road near Lake Rabun. It is a small waterfall about 25 feet high. The rock on the lower right of the shot is about six feet tall.

Bad Branch Falls

Bad Branch Falls

Next we visited Minehaha Falls. They were a little more of a hike from the road but well worth the effort. We had about 15 people on the trip so the scene could get a little crowded as you can see from the shot below.

Photo Club At Minehaha Falls

Photo Club At Minehaha Falls

Here are a few of the shots I took of the falls.

Minehaha Falls - Alternate View

Minehaha Falls – Alternate View

On the next one I took three shots and merged them in Photoshop.

Minehaha Falls Panorama

Minehaha Falls Panorama

After we left Minehaha we went to Duke’s Creek Falls. It is in a National Park and requires a walk of about a mile to get to the falls. There is an upper and lower set of falls that are on separate creeks that merge into a single creek below the falls.

Lower Duke's Creek Falls

Lower Duke’s Creek Falls

This is a shot of the little stretch of water between the lower falls and the spot where the creeks merge.

Between The Falls at Duke's Creek

Between The Falls at Duke’s Creek

This is the upper falls which are very difficult to shoot because you have to stay on a boardwalk which limits the angles you can get a shot from.

Upper Duke's Creek Falls

Upper Duke’s Creek Falls

It was a long day getting to all the falls but was well worth it.

Until next time —

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5 thoughts on “Ebb and Flow

  1. outdoorcanvas on said:

    Nicely done. I’ve been all of these falls myself. Always seems to be a crowd at Minehaha. TFS!

    • In this case we came as a crowd:-) It was my first time there but I plan to take another trip into that area in the future and visit some other waterfalls nearby.

      • outdoorcanvas on said:

        Ok nice. Yes waterfall hunting can get very, very addicting. They are all so different & each one has it’s own personality.

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