Old Timers

Monthly Challenge – Barns

Once again it is time for the Monthly Challenge at my photo club. The topic this month was Barns so I have been looking for a great barn shot for  the last few weeks. I fond a couple of places that had promise but the wather and life haven’t cooperated with me lately when I had time to go out and take pictures. As I was driving home from church I noticed this old tractor in a barn about a mile from my house. I decided to check it out on Sunday afternoon just before sunset.

I drove to the property where the barn was located and asked the owner for permission to take some shots of his barn. He was very kind and allowed me to wander around his barn. I took a few shots and just wasn’t feeling that they were what I was looking for. I tried about ten or fifteen spots and angles and just couldn’t find the right view. I noticed this mule across the street from the barn while I was moving around near an old tractor and thought it might make a nice shot with the old mule and the old tractor in the same shot. The mule kept moving around and looking in the wrong direction but I finally got a few quick shots of him and the tractor. This is the final composition I ended up with as a black and white. I entered it in the digital portion of the competition.

Old Timers

Old Timers

When I finished with the mule and tractor I noticed this star on the side of the barn and decided to get pictures of it from a few different angles. I got several shots before the light faded and I had to leave. When I got home I went through all the variations and decided on the one below. I decided to print it and entered it into the monochrome print section of the competition.  When the judging was finished I got an Honorable Mention for my print. I was very happy  because this was the first time I had entered a print in the competition. I had printed it myself since I finished working on the images at about 11 PM on Sunday night and didn’t have time to have it printed elsewhere.  Maybe I will try some prints in some of the future competitions since I finally entered my first one.

Lone Star Barn

Lone Star Barn

I enjoyed the competition and learned a lot during the judging. I noticed that even the way things were matted made a big difference in how the picture looked. We are only allowed to use a single mat for the image but there were a lot of different border sizes and styles as well as some that were using no mat and the border was part of the photograph. The comments from the judge were also very helpful in understanding what the judges look for in an image. There is always something new to learn.

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