Looking For A Drink

Gridlock in the Snow

Well, the great storm of 2014 is almost over. We have had some bad weather for our part of the country over the last few days. I realize it is nothing compared to what other people farther north have been facing but to us it is pretty bad. The snow moved in on Tuesday and everyone started heading home from work and school around noon. Unfortunately it was a little too late for most of us. The weather moved in a lot faster than was expected and traffic came to a standstill. My 20 minute ride home took 2 1/2 hours because the snow turned into ice as fast as it hit the ground. My wife spent over 5 hours making her normal 45 minute trip home and my neighbor spent 11 hours making his normal one hour drive home and ended up abandoning his car and walking home.

All of the major highways around Atlanta turned in to parking lots and we had people who spent 18 hours stuck in the traffic before making it home or abandoning their vehicles. The ridiculous thing about it is that Sunday is supposed to be in the upper 60’s even though tonight it will be 15 degrees.

I decided to go for a little photo walk today when it warmed up to about thirty degrees around noon. Here are a couple of shots I decided were worth posting. I took quite a few more but decided not to post them. I did have a great time walking in the woods in the snow and being outside even if it was cold.

Looking For A Drink

Looking For A Drink

There were quite a few Robins that I ran into as I was walking around.

Hanging Around

Hanging Around

I liked this shot because it just seemed to echo the standstill of everything brought on by the weather.

Playtime Interrupted

Playtime Interrupted

Until next time —

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