Fruitful Abundance

Monthly Challenge – Still Life

Update – 2/17/2014 :           I won First Place for my “Camelia Tea” entry in the monthly competition!

This year I have decided to enter some printed photos as well as digital ones in the monthly competitions. This month for the Still Life topic I am entering three photos. Two of them I took in the past and one I did this weekend.

I started out with an  idea for a nostalgic still life with childhood treasures as the subject. I gathered a bunch of things a child might see as treasures and arranged them several different ways. I just couldn’t find an arrangement that I liked. During my scavenging around the house for objects I ran across an old antique camera tha I was using in my arrangements.  I decided to narrow my subject down and make the camera the center piece and put some old black and white photos in the foreground. I printed the picture and will be putting it in the monochrome category. Here is the shot I entered –

Black and White Memories

Black and White Memories

I had taken a picture of some camelias and a teapot and cup a while back and decided to enter my shot into the color print category. Here is the shot as I originally took it when I posted it the first time. (Click here to see original post) 

I did some post processing on the shot in Lightroom and darkened the background, lightened some areas in the flowers and removed some big dust spots from the table top. Here is the version I entered –

Camelia Tea

Camelia Tea

For the digital category I entered a shot I had entered in a weekly challenge a while back. I did some additional processing on it to darken the background to bring out the bowl of fruit. I also cloned out and toned down some blown out highlights because they were very distracting in the overall composition. Here is the version I settled on for the competition –

Fruitful Abundance

Fruitful Abundance

I will update this post if I win anything. Until next time —

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