Monthly Challenge – Machines/Tools

Life has been busy lately but I managed to get in a few hours of photography to get ready for my photo clubs monthly contest. We had the judging last night and I managed to place in two different categories.

I came up with several ideas for the topic while looking at photos on the internet. It seemed there were a lot of pictures of gears under the topic of machines. I remembered that the back of my watch has a window that you can see the workings through. I decided to do a macro of it. Here is the result –

Kinetic Japan

Kinetic Japan

I won Second Place in the Color Print category. I was very happy since the first place winner was Photographer of the Year in our club last year,. He did a beautiful metallic print of some piping and machinery in an old abandoned building.

I went back to some shots I did in January and picked several shots and put them together. I did a similar black and white for that competition and the judge had an issue with the blown out sky. This shot did not have a lot of sky in it.  Here is the shot –



I won an Honorable Mention in the Digital Projection category for this one. The judge liked the idea of the tension created between the mule in bright light where your eye went first and the tractor wheel in the darker portion of the shot. He also commented on the stories the shot might tell.

I had prepared a shot for the Monochrome category but my printer decided to mess up and I couldn’t get the shot printed in time for the contest. Here is a shot I took on a trip to Roswell Mill which I turned into a black and white.

Out Of Gear

Out Of Gear

I liked the curves , angles, and textures in this shot. What do you think?

Until next time —

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2 thoughts on “Monthly Challenge – Machines/Tools

  1. There is a mystery and beauty in machinery, often it’s almost like it was designed as a piece of art instead of a tool. Nice work.

    • thanks for your comment. My recent focus in photography has been in finding a focus on simple lines and curves. I was recently looking at some minimalist abstract art and was surprised at how much beauty can be found in a few lines and colors. We focus too often on the clamor and overwhelming visual input around us and forget to “stop and smell the roses” of the simple everyday things right in front of us.

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