Looking For Lunch

Monthly Challenge – Beautiful Blur

This months challenge was a challenge for me. I normally try to shoot sharp pictures and avoid blur. I tried a couple of new things and just wasn’t happy with them. I went back through some of my older shots and decided on three that might work.

The first one was from Roswell Mill. It just seemed a little plain to me so I didn’t submit it.

Roswell Mill - Rocks

Roswell Mill – Rocks

The second was from a trip I took to Florida. I got a bunch of shots of seagulls over the water and decided to use on of them. It didn’t have quite enough blur in the background so I took the shot into Photoshop and added some additional blur to it.

Looking For Lunch

Looking For Lunch

I printed it and entered it into the Color Print category.

The last shot was one I took of the moon behind some trees. I thought it fit the category and was an unusual shot. I put it in a square format to help accentuate the circular flow of the tree limbs.



My meeting is tonight so I will update the post if I win anything.

Until next time —

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2 thoughts on “Monthly Challenge – Beautiful Blur

  1. the last one is probably… perfect? great picture!

    • thanks for the feedback. I like the last one the best of the three as well. I didn’t win anything in the challenge but the judge did have some positive comments about the last one.

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