You Be The Judge

My photo club is having a forum meeting on Monday where we get to critique other people’s photos.  We will rate the photo in four different categories and then at the end we will give the owner the critique sheets for their picture.

I went back through some of my shots and picked one of two herons for the forum. Then I decided to work on it a little in Photoshop and try out a technique I wanted to experiment with.

Here is the original shot before I took it into Photoshop.

Herons at Alabama Point - Original

Herons at Alabama Point – Original

Before I took the image into Photoshop I reviewed a couple of tutorials on You Tube about how to make a line drawing from a photo. Then I followed the basic instructions to create the line drawing from my photo.  I created a duplicate layer of the original shot with a mask over everything but the Heron in the front and placed it on top of the line drawing. Then I duplicated the masked layer and changed the layer to Soft Light. I duplicated the first masked layer again and inverted the mask so that the background would be colored. I then reduced the layer opacity down to about 20% so that just some of the color would show through. I also went back into the other 2 masked layers and made the second heron in the background visible using a brush set at about 15% opacity.  I didn’t want the background one to be as strong as the one in the foreground.

Here is the result. What do you think about it?

Herons at Alabama Point - Edited

Herons at Alabama Point – Edited

It will be interesting to see what kind of ratings I get at the forum.

Until next time —

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7 thoughts on “You Be The Judge

  1. I prefer the original, to be frank. Wonderful capture.

    • I like the original also. I just wanted to try something different and I wanted to highlight the heron in the front. Thanks for the like and the comment. I enjoyed looking at your site and checked out your gallery on Blue Herons.

  2. photosprang on said:

    In my opinion is the orginal well done, with harmonic atmosphere. The colors are important.

  3. i’d go with the first version, too. the second one is a bit too artificially flavoured for my taste. but that’s just me (oh, well, it’s not just me but you know what i mean)

    • I attended the forum meeting tonight and averaged 34 out of 40 posible points on the image. It was interesting judging other peoples photos. I had some very nice comments but there were also those who didn’t care for the Photoshop treatment. We judged composition, technical merit, creativity, and visual impact on a scale of one to ten in each category.


    O, kind Sir
    I thank thee for the present
    Sire let me choose
    Between thy two beloved daughters

    Who am I to say no
    And make this honor go?
    So please be the sayer
    The answer of here my riddle

    One is a beauty, proximity, a temper
    Her sister is peace, a continuum, character
    I’ll date the enchantress
    But marry the other

    PS: Hi Ed, I know this is not a proper response since you clearly ask only for the photoshop work. But it just came out. 🙂

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