Minehaha Falls Panorama

Monthly Challenge – Rivers/Streams/Waterfalls

Once again it is time for my photo clubs monthly competition. I actually had quite a few choices on this one. I decided to use a panoramic shot for the digital portion of the challenge. It was a shot I took at Minehaha Falls on a field trip with my photo club. The shot is one of several I posted previously (click here to view ) in a post called  Ebb and Flow.

Minehaha Falls Panorama

Minehaha Falls Panorama

For the Color Print category I used a shot I took at Helton Creek Falls on an outing with some of my friends. You can see more in a post called The View From Blood Mountain.

Helton Creek Falls #1A

Helton Creek Falls #1A

I looked at quite a few shots for the Black and White category but most of them didn’t work as well in B&W as they did in color. I finally decided on a shot I took of a heron in the stream at Roswell Mill.

Heron - Roswell Mill

Heron – Roswell Mill

During my attempts to print this shot I discovered that I had inadvertently put the ink  cartridges in my printer in the wrong place. My first print came out totally green instead of B&W. I have a printer that has a black cartridge with two shades of gray and black in the same cartridge and I had put it in the color slot by mistake. When I put it in the right location and set up my printer to do grayscale, the print came out correctly.

Our competition will be this coming Monday night so I will update this post if I win anything.

Until next time–

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6 thoughts on “Monthly Challenge – Rivers/Streams/Waterfalls

  1. beautiful shot, lovely place !

  2. Nice shots. My favorite is the middle one–I like the balance and lines as well as the shape of the waterfall. Thanks for sharing.

    • thanks so much for the compliment. Helton Creek was one of my favorite waterfalls to go to until the huge elm trees surrounding it had to be cut down because of some type of bug infestation that was killing them. The Forestry Service just cut them down and left them and the path to the falls looks like a tornado hit it.

  3. I am a waterfall enthusiast myself … these are wonderful! GOOD LUCK!

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