Ahead Of The Pack

Fixing The Fidgets

Over the last few weeks I have not been out to do very much photography. I work in a warehouse and since the weather has gotten hotter I have not had a lot of energy at the end of the day to get out  and do anything. We had a rainstorm last weekend and when the clouds started to break in the late afternoon I decided to go out in the yard and try to get a few shots before it got dark.

When I don’t get my camera out and do something with it I feel like I have wasted my week. Here are a couple of the shots I took to help me past the photo fidgets. I was playing around with some new software I got (OnOne software’s Perfect Photo Suite 8) that I am still trying to learn.

This shot was next to my basement door when I stepped out to find something to shoot.

On A Rocky Path

On A Rocky Path

I got this shot in a wooded area of the back yard.



I was headed for the front yard when I noticed this snail on some ferns on the edge of the yard.

Race To The Top

Race To The Top

The sun started to go down so I went to the front yard and managed to get one more shot before it went behind some clouds and disappeared for the day.

Ahead Of The Pack

Ahead Of The Pack

Until next time —

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