Rushing For The Prize

Preview – In the Works

This past weekend I attended a photo trip with the members of my photo club to the Smith-Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw, Georgia. We had a great time and I am starting to work through all the pictures now.

We got to the gardens when they first opened up and the weather was foggy and overcast. It was supposed to break up around 9:00 AM but didn’t actually clear up until about 11:00 AM. It worked out fine though because I took pictures in the rose garden first since it was out in an open area and then went into the shaded areas when the sun came out. The overcast skies provided a nice even light and the roses were all full of dewdrops from the fog.

I am going to put together a gallery page when I get all of my post processing done. In the meantime here are a few on purpose and by mistake abstracts I took.  The rest of my shots are regular, in focus (I hope) shots from around the gardens.

This first shot was accidental from hitting my cable release while I was moving my camera.

Lavender and Blue

Lavender and Blue

The next two were from the Koi pond when I didn’t have my shutter speed fast enough.

Swirling Orange

Swirling Orange

Rushing For The Prize

Rushing For The Prize

The last shot was on purpose. I was trying to get a shot of a flower and the wind kept gusting and moving the bloom. I decided to do a lens zoom shot so I set my ISO to 100 and my aperture to f32. This one was the most interesting of the shots I took while zooming my 70mm-300mm lens in or out. I like it the most because of the color combination.

Red Blowout

Red Blowout

Until next time —

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