Shark Attack!

I finally got to go on vacation recently and was able to enjoy a few days at the beach with my wife. While we there I managed to get in some photography time and will be showing you some of the shots I took over the week.

On this particular day I saw a fisherman reel in a nice size fish so I walked over to see what he caught. He had a baby shark on his line that a nearby heron was hoping he would throw away. The fisherman dropped the shark on to the beach and the heron went straight for it. At first he walked around it for about 2 minutes trying to size it up –

Sizing Up Lunch

Sizing Up Lunch

then he made his decision and went in for the kill –

Decision Made

Decision Made

He picked it up and walked around with it for a few minutes and then decided to wash it off.

How Can I Swallow This Thing?

How Can I Swallow This Thing?

Unfortunately when he dropped it at the edge of the water, a big wave came up and washed it into deeper water where he couldn’t get to it.  In light of all the shark attacks in the news I thought the turn around of circumstances was interesting. The fisherman told me that another guy who was there earlier had caught four baby sharks.  I have not seen a lot of sharks caught like that in many years of going to the beach.

I will be posting some more beach shots over the next few days as I get time to process them. Check back for more. Until next time —

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