Spheres and Squares 1

Monthly Challenge – Abstract

I’m back again after a long absence. I retired about a week ago and I seem to be busier than when I was working.  I did take some shots for my photo club Monthly Challenge. The topic was abstract and I thought about trying something with oil and water. I knew a lot of people would be doing architectural and landscape abstracts and I wanted to try something different.

I had a piece of metal with square holes in it that I wanted to use as a background because I thought it would create a pattern on the oil drops. I placed a piece of black mat board under the metal to make the holes show up better.  I set up my stand for the oil and water bowl and added a few drops of dish soap. I read somewhere that it made the drops look better and that turned out to be true. It took a few trial runs to get the lighting and focus right; but I finally got the image below. It got an honorable mention in the digital projection category at my club meeting on Monday night,

Spheres and Squares 2

Spheres and Squares 2

I didn’t like the background on the image above so I lowered it about 6 inches and changed the lighting. I also put some black mat board around the water container to darken the edges of the drops. The brown around the edges comes from the feet on the stand I was using for the water container. I ended up cloning a couple of the drops because they had some kind of dust or trash on them that distorted the pattern.

Spheres and Squares 1

Spheres and Squares 1

I really liked this one and had it printed for the black and white part of the competition, The judge really liked it but it was so similar to the other one that it didn’t win anything.

I decided to try something different for my color entry. My grandson has a fiber optic light that changes colors every few seconds so I decided to use it for a shot. I ended up using a long exposure and blew on the fibers to make them move during the exposure. The light created the circle portion and the moving fibers created the squiggle areas.

Light Explosion

Light Explosion

The judge liked this one but did not like the empty black space in the upper right.

I hope to get back to posting more often and doing some updating on the look of my site in the future.  Until next time —

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