A Composite For The Season

My photo club has a Facebook page that has a new challenge topic every few weeks. For October it was “Scary or Spooky”.  I decided to build a composite shot from two pictures that I had taken.

The first shot I used was taken in the daytime just after we had a snowstorm. I went on a walk in my neighborhood and saw a set of gargoyles on a driveway.  I took the shot to save for an occasion such as this.



The second shot I took in the backyard one night during a full moon. The sky was cloudy and I took several different shots through the trees. I thought this one would make a nice background for the gargoyle. I tried several other landscape pictures for the background but this one worked the best and required the least editing..

Spooky Moon

Spooky Moon

I took both shots into Photoshop and worked on changing the daytime shot of the gargoyle into a moonlit version and making the background work with it.

The first thing I needed to do was to reverse the background and increase the size so that the moon moved out of the middle of the picture. Then I went to work on masking the gargoyle statue and figuring out how large it needed to be.  Once I had it positioned and sized correctly I started working on the exposure and lighting to match up with the background.

I added an exposure adjustment and clipped it to the gargoyle layer. Then I added a 50% gray layer and duplicated it to use for burning and dodging layers to fine tune the lighting on the gargoyle.

I ended up with the final composite below.

Moonlight Watcher

Moonlight Watcher

It was a lot of fun and I have had some nice comments from the people on the Facebook group. What do you think about it?

Until next time —

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