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Shootout 2016

I recently attended a competition of multiple photo clubs that occurs once a year. This year we had about 260 photographers from multiple clubs in Georgia and Tennessee.  We get together and compete within a given time frame and geographic area using five topics that are announced at the opening meeting of the event.

My team was assigned the topic of “Down Low” and we had about two hours to come up with our best shots. All of our shots had to be taken in Douglas County within the allotted time on the day of the competition. Then we had to return to the event site, edit our photos, pick the ten best, and turn in ten images per category to the judges.

It was a real challenge to go to an unfamiliar location and come up with a shot based on the assigned category.  I took about 15 shots and came up with three that  might work.  Each team member was allowed one shot of their choice and then the remaining shots were voted on by the team.

The first shot that I thought might work was of a set of windows that were on the side of a store next to a sidewalk and about halfway below ground level.

A Sidewalk View

A Sidewalk View

We were walking around the town of Douglasville, Georgia where the event was held when one of my team members spotted a cell tower that they wanted to shoot up at. As we headed toward the tower we passed a fire station and I decided to see if I could go in and take a few shots. I went in to the office and asked for permission to shoot and one of the firemen accompanied me to the garage. I took about six shots and decided on the two below.

The first one was taken as I was lying on the floor looking up. I don’t have a wide-angle lens like an 8-10 mm so I got right up against the garage door that was shut and got this shot at 29 mm (based on a 1.6 APS-C lens factor for 18 mm).

Douglas County Fire Truck

Douglas County Fire Truck

This next shot was from the same position  but I got a little higher and focused on the siren on the grill. This was my favorite shot and my choice to enter into the contest.

At The Ready

At The Ready

When the contest was over we had several people in our club that placed but we didn’t get into the top three clubs in overall points. Our club has won first place in the last two years  but we didn’t finish as well this year. We will just have to try harder next year.

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