A Trip to Ft. Pickens

On my recent trip to Pensacola, Florida I finally got part of a day where I could get out and take some pictures. The weather had been horrible and we had spent most of our trip indoors. When the rain finally quit I decided to go to the beach and to Ft. Pickens which is one of the Civil War forts that guarded the entrance to Pensacola Bay.

When you first get to the beach you are greeted by this water tower which is right next to the main beach parking lot.

At The Beach

At The Beach

The fort is a bit of a drive down the beach and is part of the National Seashore which is preserved and kept from being developed.  I went through the fort for quite a while just looking at things that might be interesting to shoot. I took a few shots but the clouds kept blocking out the sun and made it difficult to get enough light into the building interiors to get a shot that had decent details.  The shot below is an area where cannons were set up  in openings to fire out at advancing troops. The semi-circles allowed the guns to have a wide area to shoot into. In this shot I was trying to capture all the repeating curves and the texture of the walls. I liked the way the light fell on the interior space.

Gun Emplacements

Gun Emplacements

This next shot is an area where the soldiers could gather to rest, move supplies, or fire out the openings in the walls at enemy troops. I really like the textures and the receding curves in this shot.

Covered Walk

Covered Walk

The picture below was made just above the covered walk. The gun weighs 50,000 pounds and was able to shoot at ships several miles out into the waterway. The tracks allowed it to be re-positioned as needed. You can see from the clouds what a lovely day it was. I got this shot just as there was a break in the clouds that allowed the sun to get through. I liked the way the light bounced off the top of the gun and the water.



I hope you enjoyed the brief tour of the fort.

Until next time —

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