Seagulls Johnson Beach
The Gathering

Beaches – most of my life was spent in Pensacola, Florida near the water. I love going to the beach and walking for miles at a time.I also enjoy swimming, surfing, scuba diving, fishing, and just hanging out in the sand. It is a great opportunity for taking pictures and enjoying God’s creation.

Duke's Creek
Duke’s Creek

Streams and Lakes – since moving to Georgia I have been able to enjoy the lakes, streams and waterfalls near my home. I enjoy sitting at the base of the falls listening to the falling water or just hiking the trails along the streams. Helton’s Creek is one of my favorite spots since I can sit on a rock in the middle of the stream and think.

Tree of Many Colors
Tree of Many Colors

Woods – walking in the woods is such a peaceful experience. It’s a good way to quiet your mind and see the things around you that are missed by someone in a hurry.


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